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Upholstered furniture is perhaps the most favorite furniture in the house, so when choosing and buying your sofa, approach the issue with a soul. In addition to the appropriate size and functionality of such furniture, it should certainly appeal to all family members or those who will use it. If you choose upholstered furniture from our catalog, these fabric samples can be viewed in the Mh Design store.
With Marbella House Design you can easily find the best couch in Marbella. At first glance it may seem that all sofas are similar to each other, but each of them has its own highlight – a certain type of frame. Let’s look at the most popular types of sofas and their main advantages:

Corner sofa

The main task of such sofas is to save the occupied space. Corner sofas can accommodate a large number of people, occupying a small area. Inside, as in most models, there is a compartment for storing linen.

Modular sofa

This is a model with a very simple design. To decompose it, you just need to pull on the main part, at this moment, the back will automatically assume a horizontal position. Such sofas are considered very durable, due to the minimum load on the mechanisms. If you have not found a suitable option for upholstered furniture, then you can always purchase a custom-made couch. Our experts will provide expert advice and assistance in the selection of colors and fabric materials for your furniture, as well as in the selection of the transformation mechanism.

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