TV units

The area around the TV is a very controversial issue and may be the focus of room design or merge with the overall interior. Functionality and aesthetics are the main requirements for TV modules. It is better to buy TV modules after deciding on the installation location, its size and design. If you have doubts or don’t know what is the best choice, you can always seek the advice of Marbella House Design professionals.

Varieties of TV units

Modular walls

This wall can consist of a finished set of furniture or all parts can be bought separately and make your own unique design. The main advantage of modular walls is that they can be attached to the wall or placed on the floor in any order. In this case, the composition will not suffer, and the design will continue to please you. Basically, the modular walls are multifunctional and can be suitable both for seating and as coffee tables.

Body walls

Housing walls are sold only as a ready-made kit and you will not be able to buy additional elements. The entire wall is securely fastened and must be fixed to the wall. Despite the seemingly limited actions, it is possible to decorate such a wall with various decorative elements to create your own exclusive design.
Marbella House offers you to buy TV units from a wide range of products. Our professional specialists in Marbella will help you find the best options for your home.

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